Tiffany Pentz  ~ Design consultant

Wardrobe Consulting

I work with a broad clientele that ranges from big name celebrities to stay at home moms.  I approach every wardrobe consultation with a unique perspective, as one size does not fit all. Some clients want to just clean out their closet and work with what they currently own, while others want a full wardrobe makeover. A wardrobe consultation can be done in one day of shopping for a special occasion or it can be a longer term, on-going project. Please feel free to EMAIL me to set up a free phone consultation to discuss your goals and I can let you know what the process would look like.  




I have always been comfortable with being unfashionable/ some ways proud of the fact even!  Tiffany helped me go through my then wardrobe and identify what items I viewed as essential or un-discardable, and those which I either didn't wear or were actually hideous.  She then helped me pick out a new set of clothes that both suited my preferences but were also much easier on the eyes (and not just my own, but others' too).  Her method of suggestion was gentle--far from forceful, but clear and resolute in their conviction, which I needed.  In the end I had (have) a vastly upgraded wardrobe and feel much more comfortable and confident when I head out to face each day.  I HIGHLY recommend her services.


Laura Welikson ~ Attorney

Tiffany is a phenomenal wardrobe consultant. And she’s fun to hang out with. So it’s a pleasure to work with her. Tiffany has excellent taste and a great eye. She helped me appraise my own wardrobe and get rid of things that just don’t work for me, but I hung on to far too long. We also did a whole day of shopping and Tiffany picked great pieces I wouldn’t have thought to try on myself. I now wear the clothes we bought together more than anything I have in my wardrobe! I couldn’t recommend Tiffany more.

Milena Sales ~ Art Communications Director

I work in the art world and travel a lot for work. I’ve used Tiffany’s services intermittently throughout the years when I’ve needed help packing for work trips. Not only has she helped me avoid having to check in luggage. She’s helped me style looks for every occasion and saved me hours, even days of time looking for the right clothes and shopping for missing items. I highly recommend her for both short and long term projects. 


Carolyn & Jonathan Crowley~Talent Acquisition, UMASS & Regional Director  of Development UMASS 

I hired Tiffany to help me update my husband's wardrobe. We both work full time, have a toddler, and recently bought our first home.Tiffany listened to the goals I had in mind for my husbands wardrobe and began a full closet edit. This was an incredibly helpful first step as it cleared the space for us to see that he actually had some decent pieces, they were simply crowded in with old, unneeded clothing . We went shopping to fill the gaps and Tiffany curated a list of online purchases for stores that we don't have in our area. By the time we were finished with my husband’s clothes, I had made the decision to hire Tiffany to do my wardrobe! We went through the same process and I am thrilled with the results. I should also mention that I appreciate her willingness to shop at stores like Target and TJ maxx. My husband is rough on his clothes so buying expensive pieces is not always appealing. Tiffany introduced me to consignment shopping and showed me the best way to navigate them to find the treasures. I trust her design sense so much that by the end of both jobs I actually hired her to design our kitchen! You can see the photos, which speak for themselves, in her interior design section. Obviously, I strongly recommend Tiffany for any of your design needs and I look forward to working with her again.  


Brian Cappello ~ Senior Operations Analyst

Tiffany proved a total godsend and tremendous value. Not only did she help me find some great clothing (and a watch) but she also taught me a lot about passion, AND was super fun to shop with. She even asked all the clerks about giving me a deal (which several did). Overall amazing experience, have been telling all my friends!